Imagine a world where emergency services discover what’s going on from social media

That’s EmerGent

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An ambitious challenge

improve the communication between citizens and emergency services through social media

Evaluating emergency situations

Data shared on social media will be collected and analysed by EmerGent to check whether an emergency situation has occurred and an emergency service has to be notified

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Sharing with citizens

Emergency services will be able to share their feedback with citizens by way of social media

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Communicate directly

Citizens and emergency services may communicate directly through the EmerGent mobile application using messages and multimedia files

Share your information with emergency services

Use the potentialities of social media to share with emergency services what you are not able to communicate with a normal phone call

Real time update on emergency situations

Know in real time what emergency services share. This may help you to know what’s going on around you and how to cooperate with emergency services to provide them with relevant information

Citizens use Social Media to share information during emergencies


Not only from social media…

Communicate with emergency services sharing public information on social media. Use the EmerGent mobile application to create and share messages on social media as well as to open a direct communication channel with emergency services


Integrated with your operating rooms

Have a look at the following infographic to discover Emergency Services attitudes towards Social Media


Are you an emergency service?
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The EmerGent architecture

From the perspective of citizens interacting with emergency services and vice-versa

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Research in progress

EmerGent is a research project under development.
All data collected will be stored and manipulated according to our privacy policies and only for research purposes within EU. EmerGent doesn’t replace an authoritative emergency service. In case of real emergency please call 112 – the Single European Emergency Call number – or refer to the specific emergency call numbers in force in your country.
To know our research progress please visit the
EmerGent research blog

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The impact of Social Media in Emergencies

The EmerGent project summarised its findings and conclusions in the form of guidelines and provides a list of recommendations for emergency services and citizens on how to make the most of social media. LEARN MORE